5 tips for earning Frequent Flyer Miles

5 tips for earning Frequent Flyer Miles (or points) on your rewards Credit Cards.  The goal is to rack up miles not debt!!

1:  Pay your normal monthly bills with your rewards credit card and then take the money you would normally spend paying your bills and use that to pay off your credit card.  Earn miles!  Both Chase and American Express (as do most major credit card providers) have websites set up to help you pay your bills.

Chase: https://www.chase.com/online/Credit-Cards/british-airways-chase-online.htm#section2

American Express:  https://www212.americanexpress.com/dsmlive/dsm/int/recurbillhub/paybillswithamexcard.do?vgnextoid=92e5bd4b0e58d110VgnVCM100000cef4ad94RCRD

2:  Join a Dining Club.  Yes we know this sounds fancy but hear us out!  By joining a dining club, which is free, you can earn up to 5 miles for every dollar you spend at restaurants you probably already eat at.  We have two listed below. 

American AAdvantage Dining:  http://aa.rewardsnetwork.com/

Delta SkyMiles Dining: http://skymiles.rewardsnetwork.com/

3:  Do some online shopping.  Earn extra miles at stores such as Anthropologie, AT&T Wireless, Bloomingdales, Brookstone, J. Crew, REI.com, Restaurant.com, etc.  Most stores offer between 2 – 4 miles for every dollar spent.  Some even more, such as AT&T Wireless which offers 2,000 miles per dollar!!

American Airlines:  http://aa.rewardsnetwork.com/

Delta:  Skymilesshopping.com

4:  Buy some discounted gift cards. 

www.Restaraunt.com / Pay $4 for $25 gift cards.  Plus if you do this through the Delta online shopping site referenced above you get 8 points for every dollar you spend.  So spend $4, get 32 sky miles, and get a $25 gift card to a restaurant.  Not too shabby. 

www.Giftcards.com  / Here you can purchase gift cards at 30% off.  There are plenty of sites like this that purchase gift cards from people that don’t want them and then they re-sell them at a discounted price. 

5:  Keep your eyes out for promotions.  Most major credit cards will give you 2 – 5 times the dollar value for purchases made at gas stations or grocery stores.  They also offer special promotions all the time.  Pay attention and take advantage!

Obviously the goal here is to get the most value and the most Frequent Flyer Miles for your money.