Hotel Tonight


Last Saturday, one of our readers got a $350 Manhattan boutique hotel for $70 INCLUDING tax (check out the screen grab on the left - this is a hotel that costs $350 on How did he do it? Short answer, the Hotel Tonight app. Long answer, well, long answers are our speciality:

From a business standpoint, selling a hotel room is more like selling fresh squeezed juice than selling a house or condo. LIke freshly squeezed juice, hotel rooms are perishable. if you haven't sold your fresh orange juice( or hotel room) by nightfall, it becomes worthless.  And like food that's about to go off, you can often get a last minute hotel room at a huge discount.

The very best way purchase a last minute boutique hotel is with the Hotel Tonight app. Starting at noon every day, the app shows you hotels in any city that will offer you huge discounts on that night only. The prices are already low, but like everything else, Tango in Tahiti has tips to save even more money:

Tip 1. Use a promo code to get $25 off your first booking. We suggest using our code: srobertson23

Tip 2. Douple Dip on Promo codes to get $50 off your second night.  If you "invite" your husband or wife to use Hotel Tonight and then book under their name, they get $25 off, and you get another $25 credit for inviting them!

Tip 3. Rather than booking two or more nights (which is allowed but usually more expensive) leave your bags in the hotel lobby while you're out during the day, giving you the option of booking whatever hotel is cheapest for that night. 

Tip 4. Hotel Tonight works best in NYC. In cities with a plethora of hotel rooms (think Atlanta or Orlando) seems to turn up the best deals. But in NYC, Hotel Tonight is king (if you don't believe us, take another look at the screen grab above to see The Craiginator's $70 score last Saturday night.

Priceline vs. Hotel Tonight - Could Hotel Tonight be better than for hotels?  It's certainly cooler. Priceline is full of big box business hotels like the HIlton and Sheraton, while Hotel Tonight puts you in modern boutique hotels. It's also nice to actually know where you're staying before you pay for your room. But still has one huge advantage, when you use Priceline you can book in advance.  Waiting until late afternoon and booking with Hotel Tonight gives you huge savings, but it takes nerves of steel (and it's a pain stashing your bags while you wait).