A LOT of our readers signed up for the Citi AA card when we recommended it a couple of months ago and already have 100,000 frequent flyer miles (that's enough for a couple of roundtrip first class flights). Here's how to get another free ticket plus $200 in statement credits.

If you signed up for the AA card within a couple of days of when we posted the deal, AA should have sent you a companion pass (that's in addition to the frequent flyer miles you'll get). We assumed that the companion pass would only work when you bought a full fare ticket (which we never do, we only buy discounted tickets). However, one of our loyal readers just booked a rountrip flight to NYC for $220.  He then used the companion pass to get a free flight for his wife.  But it gets even better!  Since he booked the flight with his AA card he'll get $100 back, and if they buy something inflight (like a cocktail or a Meerkat sculpture from the Skymall catalog), they get ANOTHER $100.  

So in total, they'll spend $250 for two roundtrip flights, and then get $200 back.  And they haven't even touched their 100,000 frequent flyer miles yet.