SoHo House

Occasionally we visit a hotel that is almost a destination in itself. A hotel so fun that we would book there for our anniversary, even if it was in our home city. SoHo House in Berlin is in that category.  Here's why:

  • Incredibly stylish rooms. You'll have to take our word for it since shabby chic is tough to capture in pictures - always comes out looking more shabby than chic
  • It has a dress code! What hotel in the 21st century has rooms for under $150 a night and still has the self confidence to ask guests to dress up before ordering an old-fashioned at the bar?
  • Unpretentious room classes. It's base room is called "tiny" the next size up is called "small" and so on.  No closet sized "deluxe" rooms here.
  • It has a club that has a no phone, no camera rule. Less night at the Roxbery and more hipster Mycroft Holmes. Comfortable chairs, city views, and plentiful copies of the FT)
  • Cowshed Spa is a destination on it's own, but entry is included in your room price and you can stroll there in a bathrobe. Stone beds, sauna, steam room, and attached reading room.
  • Rooftop pool, great gym, helpful concierge, bla, bla, bla