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Naptime in Thailand

Naptime in Thailand

Africa? Nope - Pine Mountain GA

Africa? Nope - Pine Mountain GA

The chance to nap on a tiger costs about $10 in Thailand, but with flights adding on another $1,200, it might be a bit out of reach for this weekend's date-day. If you'd like a little outdoor adventure  time with wild animals, but don't see a trip to Africa or Asia in the near future, consider driving an hour south of the Atlanta (or look for an animal safari park near your city) to  get some face time with a friendly neighborhood giraffe. We suggest brining a picnic lunch to the park and then driving home, curling up on the sofa, and watching an African Queen and Madagascar double feature. 1300 Oak Grove Road Pine Mountain, GA 31822  Phone 706-663-8744


A weekend in Rehoboth, DE, has all the great style and character of the 50s and 60s without having to endure all the pesky second-hand smoke and sexual harassment of the actual 50s and 60s. It’s a town where the boardwalk is made of real boards and bicycles still have one speed and baby blue paint. 

The beach and boardwalk are festive but not overcrowded. Unlike nearby Ocean City, Rehoboth will never be the setting for Girls Gone Wild or feel like spring break (even during spring break). It’s a town made for lounging on a beach towels, biking along shady streets, and sipping an Italian ice.

Romantic Highlights

  • As the sun sets, curl up together on a lifeguard chair and listen to the waves roll onto the beach. Shave your chest and bring a whistle to make the life guard experience more authentic.
  • Share salt water taffy as you walk hand in hand along one of the world’s most perfect boardwalks. 
  • Rent beach cruisers or a tandem bicycle and pedal along shady streets and lakeside trails.  Wear matching berets and put fresh baguettes in the basket to really make a statement.
  • To lay the groundwork for a future couple’s massage, spend the evening ramming each other on the bumper cars at Funland.  Or alternately, dare your significant other to ride the Viking Ship. It can’t compare with the world’s great roller coasters, but it’s a great excuse to hold onto each other.
  • Challenge each other to put-put golf.  Or save up your quarters to play skeeball until you win one of the ginormous stuffed animals.

When to Go:

Most beach towns on the East Coast are best visited during the last 3 weeks of September. Prices are low, the water and weather are still pleasant, and the beach is uncrowded.   

However, if you’re looking to escape the city during the height of summer, Rehoboth is still a great destination.  Hotels get pricey and the beaches on the boardwalk are full, but there’s still plenty or elbowroom, especially if you walk to the uncrowded beaches just north and south of the center.


Don’t miss out on renting bikes.  The best ride is parallel to the boardwalk heading north. You’ll cross a lake filled with ducks and enter the shady, tree-lined streets of the Acres. 

Funland has rides and games like skeeball and our personal favorite, a game where you race horses by rolling a ball up a ramp and dropping it in a hole. 


The East coast is full of beaches, but there’s only one Rehoboth boardwalk.  Stay close enough to it that you’ll be able to walk there quickly.

Rehoboth is best experienced in a beach house, so this might be the time to round up some of your married friends and rent one of the old, character-filled houses South of the boardwalk.

The Delaware Inn at Rehoboth is a popular choice. It’s a couple of blocks from the beach but it’s quiet and charming. 

If you enjoy quirky, Victorian luxury the Boardwalk Plaza is your place.  Even if you’re more a fan of Kate Middleton’s style than Queen Victoria you can’t beat the beachfront setting.


Your eating should really be focused on the boardwalk.  Gus and Gus has legendary Gyro’s, Thrashers has world-class boardwalk fries, and Grotto’s Pizza is an institution that locals love as much as visitors.

If you want a romantic dinner away from the boardwalk we love the sushi and Thai food at The Cultured Pearl.  From the boardwalk it’s about 3 blocks up Rehoboth Ave.  Eat on the outdoor terrace surrounded by flowing water features.