The Mileage Bandits are on a mission!  We're on a quest to earn 500,000 frequent flyer miles in 2012 - just from signing up for credit cards and then charging our normal expenses on those cards. We have good credit and charge about $2,500 a month on our cards - nothing special - which means this kind of mile earning power is available to most of our readers.  

Before you run out and start piling up cards like a 13 year old girl who has just discovered lipstick,  we suggest you read our post on how to apply for multiple cards. It's not especially complicated but we do have some steps to help you avoid the crafty traps set by the credit card companies. The link follows:

Now for the fun part.  Here's the miles we've earned and how we've done it:

100,000 miles from 2 Citi AA cards. These cards are easy to get and have no annual fee for the first year. We've written about these cards in an article on this website:

100,000 Southwest miles total (50K each)  from the cards at the following link:

75,000 Amex Miles - The promotion we used was only good for one day and has now expired. We posted about it on our Facebook page and will post if it's available later in the year.

30,000 Delta miles  for opening a checking account at Suntrust bank (that promotion has now expired)

Total miles from signup bonuses: 305,000. We also get between 1 and 2 miles for every dollar we charge so we've earned another 30,000 miles from normal charges.  Not a bad year so far and we're just getting started!  Keep up with our blog and Facebook page for updates.

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