Orlando and Disney

The Trip:  The subject of Disneyworld gets some couples real riled up.  There are basically two opinions.  The first camp feels it’s an oasis of joy where dreams come true.  The second group maintains it’s a money-hungry evil empire ruled over by a immortal mouse in high-waisted pants.


But for couples looking for a weekend getaway, Disneyworld represents something very simple: a pure escape.  And if there was ever a man who knew how to create an escape, that man was Walt Disney and his world is in sunny Florida.  So if you’re looking for an escape rather than a cultural experience, Disneyworld could be your next destination.

Romantic Highlights:

  • Stay in a resort hotel with the amenities and weather of a Cancun resort (but without the worries of tainted water and Montezuma’s revenge).
  • Nap together in an adult’s only poolside cabana with a bottle of champagne cooling on ice. 
  • Float down a lazy river with a mojito in your hand and the taste of crabcakes  on your tongue.
  • Spend the morning riding rollercoasters and the afternoon watching lions bask in the sun.
  • Relive your childhood with the Swiss Famly Robinson treehouse and the futuristic rides at Epcot
  • Find a patch of grass and watch fireworks light up the sky after the sun dips behind the horizon.

The Challenge: Entering Disneyworld is like submerging yourself in the ocean on a scubadiving expedition.  If you spend a short amount of time underwater you’ll enjoy the magical world under the sea.  If you stay too long you’ll run out of air or have a dangerous case of the bends when you come back up. 

Visiting Disney presents a similar problem.  Disneyworld is a beautiful world that can be a lot of fun, but if you stay too long you’ll grow to hate it.  Much like the people who overindulge at a cruise-ship’s midnight chocolate buffet, you’ll enjoy the beginning but hate the way staying too long makes you feel.

But enough of mixed metaphors.  Here are the four keys to having a great trip to Disneyworld: 

1.     Book a great hotel outside of Disneyworld and treat your visit to the Magic Kingdom as a sidetrip, rather than the main event.

2.     Visit on a weekday during the school year. Under no circumstances visit the park when it is overrun with children.  Contrary to popular belief, children have no place in Disneyworld.  They run around on a noisy sugar high all morning and early afternoon until they crash in a fit of tears during their later afternoon sugar crash.

3.     Indulge in small acts of rebellion against the Big Brother machine that is Disneyworld.  Bring a backpack full of snacks (which is allowed) or a flask of alcohol (which isn’t). 

4.     Follow the guidelines below on planning your trip:

Lodging:  Small boutique hotels are certainly the trendiest way to travel but let’s be honest, if you’re visiting Orlando this is not your time to be trendy.  Forget cool and snag a room at one of the incredibly comfortable, well appointed luxury resorts outside Disneyworld.  What they lack for in personality they more than make up for in amentities.  To book your hotel go straight to priceline.com.  Click on  Name Your Own Price.  Select the areas around Disneyworld (South of Orlando) and click 4 stars.  Start bidding at $60. If you get rejected wait a few days and try again.  See our article on Priceline.

You’ll likely end up in the Gaylord Palms, Rosen, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cyprus, or the Omni.  You’ll thank us as you watch your body tan poolside under the Florida sun.

When to go:  We like weekdays during September and October.  It’s warm, dry, and the crowds have gone.