75,000 Miles From Amex - The Mile Bandits Strike Again

UPDATE: The link below is no longer giving 75,000 miles, but keep an eye out for Amex to offer this deal again.  They often offer it several times a year.

NOTE: If the application has the offer terms in the margin (like if it says 75,000 miles bonus), do a screen grab of the application with your name filled in.  That way if there are any issues with the credit card company, you'll be able to negotiate for the miles your application promised.

ORIGINAL POST: Hunting big offers for frequent flyer miles is like hunting big game (at least as we imagine hunting big game, our actual hunting experience is more limited to houseflies and the occasional mouse). You do a lot of waiting, stalking, and then when your prey is in sight you strike with the fury of 1,000 Masai warriors. Well dear frequent flying friends, today is the day to strike American Express with all your Masai strength. We've found a rogue link (which means it should work, but no guarantees) for the Amex Gold Business Card that offers 75,000 bonus miles and no annual fee. You'll need excellent credit and are required to spend 10 large ones over the first 4 months. The link follows:

You will need a "business" to apply for this card. If you're Mark Pincus, the Billionaire founder of Zynga, your business is obvious. If you're not Mark Pincus, no worries, you probably have a business you've never thought of as a business. For instance, if you sell things on Ebay on the side, give your business a name and put "sole proprietorship" and your SSN on the application form and voila', you're a business owner. Just choose your business name wisely, Amex will print it on the cards.